The Mikal Bridges Game

Mikal Bridges hasn’t missed a game since he was drafted in 2018. Last night, he scored a playoff-career-high 27 points in Game 2 of the NBA Finals. Work hard, play hard.

The Suns’ forward has played in 245 consecutive NBA games, including the playoffs — and didn’t miss a single game in his three seasons at Villanova (116 games), either. That’s 361 games!

It’s another notch on the belt, particularly during his time in Phoenix, where he’s been a major catalyst in the Suns’ steady run toward their first-ever championship.

His scoring is an added bonus to his defensive prowess — Phoenix is 6-0 when he scores at least 14 points. His 105.8 defensive rating versus Milwaukee trails only Jae Crowder’s 105.5.

Devin Booker scored nine of his team-high 31 (7 3PM) points in the fourth quarter, hitting timely buckets to cap off another concerted team win. Chris Paul was thrown off by adjustments — he had six turnovers but still finished with 23 points and eight assists. Deandre Ayton did a bit of everything (10 points, 11 rebounds, four assists, three steals, two blocks).

And the rest of the team’s role players filled their roles, hitting 20 of 40 three-pointers. Bridges just so happens to be labeled the ironman, but in Phoenix he’s just another piece of the puzzle that could end in a Larry O’Brien Trophy.

Game 3 is on Sunday, 8:00 p.m. ET in Milwaukee.