Running It Back With Rondo

Just a few weeks back, the Los Angeles Clippers traded Rajon Rondo to the rebuilding Memphis Grizzlies, who then waived the 35-year-old point guard. 

Now, Rondo is headed back to Los Angeles — with the Lakers — on a one-year, $2.6 million deal. Rondo was an integral part of the 2020 championship squad. 

Now, for better or worse, the Lakers are ancient — they have eight players 34 or older.

Why It Matters: The Lakers added veteran PG Russell Westbrook this offseason, and Rondo brings even more depth to the roster. Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report wrote how Anthony Davis was “frustrated” with Dennis Schroder running point, alluding to Schroder’s inability to feed him in the post the same way Rondo did.

The Good: Between LeBron James, Westbrook, and Rondo, there shouldn’t be any issues feeding the big fella. Not to mention, Rondo is familiar with the two superstars, doesn’t need to score to make an impact, and brings veteran leadership.

The Bad: The Lakers are strong playing downhill and inside the paint, but they lack perimeter shooting at the guard position. Among the three starting point guards since LeBron joined in 2018, Schroder was the best perimeter shooter (33.5%).

Rondo averaged 5.4 points and 4.4 assists in 45 games with the Hawks and Clippers last season. Ultimately, Anthony Davis wanted him back — and he got his wish.