NBA Halts The Giannis Stopwatch

Barclays Center has officially become the most controversial place to shoot a free throw.

The NBA ordered the Brooklyn Nets to stop using a stopwatch on the jumbotron to count how much time Giannis Antetokounmpo uses at the free-throw line.

The rule: players are only allowed 10 seconds before they’re called for a violation. Giannis has long abused that rule, so much that the refs called it in the first round against the Miami Heat. 

“Is it a rule? Is it not a rule? Are we calling it? Are we not calling it?” Nets coach Steve Nash asked reporters.

This isn’t the first time Barclays’ FT antics have caused problems. Longtime Nets fan Bruce Reznick, aka “Mr. Whammy” has a long-lasting tradition of standing behind the hoop and “hexxing” players.

In March 2015, LeBron James approached NBA security about removing Whammy from his spot. After the game, reporters asked LeBron to confirm Whammy’s allegations. “Next question,” he said. League security later confirmed that the Cavaliers complained about Mr. Whammy’s presence and asked that he go back to his seat.

Whammy might actually be a legitimate distraction, at the very least. Players can’t even see the jumbotron when they’re at the charity stripe. 

Maybe instead of blaming the gamesmanship tactics, they should simply make their free throws. Giannis is shooting 53.5% from the line during the postseason.