Milwaukee Rejoices

After the Milwaukee Bucks won the NBA championship, Giannis Antetokounmpo placed both the Larry O’Brien and Finals MVP trophies in his backseat, drove to Chick Fil-A, and ordered exactly 50 chicken minis to represent his 50-point performance. “Not 51, not 49 chicken minis — 50.”

“What if, all of a sudden, I wake up and this is all a dream? These trophies are my security, basically,” he said in the drive-thru. “Like I touch them and know this is real.”

No it’s not a dream, and neither is this: Governor Tony Evers declared Thursday “Bucks In Six Day” in Wisconsin, a rallying cry among the fan base. Former Milwaukee guard Brandon Jennings incorrectly predicted his 2013 Bucks would beat the Miami Heat in six games. He was wrong, but the prophecy came full circle.

Deer District, the area outside Fiserv Forum, held up to 65,000 Bucks fans celebrating during the Game 6 win. Today, they were all out for the championship parade.

Some highlights:

  • Giannis yelled “Bucks in six” while shooting a free-throw into the crowd.
  • P.J. Tucker pulled a Triple H move with the chug-and-spray. 
  • Bobby Portis, the people’s champ, wore a WWE belt
  • Jennings riled up the fanbase from the back of a pickup truck. 

This is the first title for every single player on the Bucks. It’s also the first the fan base can celebrate in 50 years. And to cap off a wild year: Thanks to the pandemic, the 2021 champs got to celebrate their title before the Lakers’ 2020 squad.