Bruce Brown Can Play Anywhere

Bruce Brown is listed as a “guard/forward” anywhere you look. The NBA’s measuring stick would tell you he’s a guard, and most likely a point guard at that. But in the era of positionless basketball, that can be virtually meaningless — especially for Brown.

He stopped by for a conversation about the possibilities that come with playing multiple positions.

You played a lot of small-ball (at the 4 or 5) last season, and the Nets signed a bunch of bigs this year. How do you adjust to playing different roles?

Adjusting roles will be easy for me because I wasn’t a 4 my whole life. It’s all about adjusting to each team and what they need. That’s what I’m best at.

Speaking of the team’s propensity for positionless ball in 2021, who or what prompted you to play 4/5 so much last season?  

I think that’s what the team needed at the time, and it was working. It was throwing other teams off and putting them at disadvantages. And most importantly, I can finish at the rim.

What ultimately led you back to Brooklyn? Several analysts suggested you could earn up to $12 million a year.

To compete for a championship and play on a great team. We had unfinished business. I wasn’t gonna miss that opportunity.

What are your thoughts on Sekou Doumbouya? Did you or anyone speak to him before the trade? 

We didn’t speak before the trade. We’re friends, so we talk from time to time. Ya know, that’s my dawg. I’m excited for him to be here. He’s still finding his way, so the Nets are the perfect place to learn. He’ll have a chance to learn multiple roles and learn from the best.

We’ll end with a simple one: Which part of your game have you been focusing on the most this offseason? 


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