Ben’s High School Reunion?

The Philadelphia 76ers might throw Ben Simmons to the Wolves — in Minnesota, that is.

ESPN reported earlier this week that the Timberwolves have been one of the most “persistent” teams in pursuit of a trade for the Sixers’ guard — a huge development for a team with one postseason appearance in the past 16 years.

Why It Matters: The Timberwolves were the sixth-worst team in the NBA last season but played most of it without the star duo of Karl-Anthony Towns and D’Angelo Russell. They finished 13-11 when they played together. Throw Simmons into the mix, and we might be talking about a playoff team.

Montverde Connect: If Simmons and Russell teamed up, it would be a high school reunion — the two roommates owned the HS basketball world for two years. A new scenery, with a surrounding cast that boosts his confidence, might be exactly what he needs. 

“I always got better each day being around [Russell],” Simmons said in 2019. 

Montverde played Towns and St. Joseph’s in 2014 — a battle between the top teams in Florida and New Jersey. 

“I saw his athleticism, and it was very weird to see a guy that tall, with that speed, using his left hand as his dominant hand,” Towns said of Simmons.

Of course, the Timberwolves would need a third team if they plan to keep their core intact while making a trade for Simmons. Sixers’ president Daryl Morey isn’t budging — he wants at least one star in return.

The 76ers just locked up Joel Embiid for another four years. Though it may take some time, it appears Ben’s time in Philly is over. Minnesota might just be the place for him.